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MidStates Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association

Serving Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia

Thank you to all who have donated to the

NSPS Program efforts!

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Rick Dungey, MSHPBA Executive Director, at

2009 Tax Credit

New Information

If you have recently purchased an energy efficient product like a biomass-burning stove, you could be eligible for a federal tax credit. The IRS has recently released the tax form in which to claim this credit. To know whether your recent biomass-burning stove can be claimed with this credit, please read the information below or feel free to contact HPBA Government Affairs Department at

IRS Form 5695: Residential Energy Credits

New NSPS Review Web Portal

EPA is revising its wood burning certification program, the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and in order to influence the process and have a positive outcome, HPBA and the Government Affairs Committee have made this a top priority. HPBA is currently organizing the wood burning section of our industry and forming a coalition of affected parties.

In order to remain transparent with coalition members, the Government Affairs Department has launched a new NSPS web portal that will house all pertinent information and documentation throughout the process. The portal can be accessed via and will feature both a public and private (i.e., password-protected) section. The public section will include alerts for upcoming NSPS-related meetings, including a newly scheduled conference call forum December 8 - 9, 2009. The private section will only be available to HPBA member companies who are current on their NSPS assessments. Passwords will be issued by the end of September, when a new paper on burn rate data will be featured. More details will be available soon.

To check out the new NSPS portal, click on NSPS PORTAL. The portal can also be found on the right side navigation bar on the Government Affairs webpage. For more information on the portal or on the NSPS process, contact John Crouch at or 916-536-2390.

Check out this link:

Free Consumer Brochures

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created an informational brochure about Wood Stoves entitled Your old Wood Stove's Dirty Little Secrets. In the brochure the EPA states that, "Old wood stoves manufactured before 1990 are inefficient. They waste firewood, pollute the air in your neighborhood and create dust inside your home. This is especially harmful for the more than 20 million people - including 6 million children - with asthma in the U.S."

Additionally, the EPA says that smoky stoves affect your health. "Small particles and pollutants in wood smoke are unhealthy for you and your family. Even occasional exposure to wood smoke can create problems such as watery eyes, stuffy noses, and chest tightness. Everyone may experience one or more of these symptoms, but children and older adults, and people with asthma or heart disease, are especially vulnerable. Particles can trigger asthma attacks and have been linked to heart attacks in people with heart disease."

To learn more about what you can do to encourage your customers to help keep both themslves and the environment healthy, check out the full brochure of Your

Old Wood Stove's Dirty Little Secrets on the EPA Web site at:

Liability Insurance now available for members!

Fill out the APPLICATION to get a quote for your company. Program includes discounts for members and NFI certified professionals

SGI Insurance Benefits for Members

We are excited to report that MidStates members who took advantage of the liability insurance policiesoffered throughSecurity Group International have saved an estimated average of 10%-15% on their premiums (this includes discounted rates for NFI certifications).

The retention rate for the entire program is in the 90+ percentile, which means that the coverage you receive through this HPBA affiliate will make it so that you do not have to worry year to year aboutavailability and cost. If youwould like toreceive more information about SGI andthe benefits available to you, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a brochure!

Interested in Being a Hearthmaster?

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