Is Your Business Essential?

Even though service of our products and construction-related installs are clearly defined as “essential services” under the “Stay-At-Home” orders we’ve seen so far, there is confusion regarding retail sales.

The following is a general guideline based on information provided by individual States and how their orders apply to its businesses:

  • Close your retail shop or only allow limited members of the public inside at a time (remember, they will have to have an essential purpose for being there or may risk being fined so please promote online sales for their protection).
  • Keep a bare minimum workforce on hand and let as many people as possible work from home.
  • Provide sales via an online website or through telephone or other technology (using pictures to help people shop).
  • Allow curbside pick-up of product. If the product delivers vital zone heat for a customer and you chose to deliver it, ensure the safety of your employees and customers by disinfecting surfaces, washing hands and maintaining social distancing of 6 feet or more.

For more information, below is a breakdown by State and a link to their COVID-19 Web sites.