What is Newscast?

Every week we send out an email to all of our members called Newscast. If you receive Hot News, you should also be receiving this email. As a service to our members, we select about ten articles that appear in the media about our industry or small business in general. These articles may be from a local paper about a local issue or a national paper about major events. We try to select articles that cover both hearth and BBQ and also offer a unique take.

We get questions periodically from some of you because the articles aren’t always flattering. It’s important to note that we are sharing these articles because this is what is being reported in the news. Sometimes those are good stories, but sometimes they aren’t. We aren’t necessarily endorsing any of this information, but we think it is important that you know what is being said.

So, please read the top line of Newscast that states that the inclusion of an article doesn’t mean we agree with it or like it – but we think it is important that you know about it. Questions can always be addressed to Emily McGee.