In the past 5 years alone, proposed regulations have threaten the existence of most hearth products currently on the market. The members of HPBA and its regional affiliates have invested millions of dollars and countless hours to protect our industry and your business. Join MSHPBA today and protect your right to sell the hearth products you select and your customers want.


HPBA has supported reasonable standards for wood and pellet-fueled appliances to burn more cleanly and efficiently for more than 30 years and worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve these results. All of today’s low-emission woodburning appliances produce significantly less smoke and particulate emissions than older products. Hearth manufacturer and retailer members have benefited from HPBA’s efforts, and homeowners have enjoyed new technologies to conserve energy and burn cleaner.

HPBA has significant concerns about the lack of sell-through time for EPA-certified products that meet today’s Step 1 standards but don’t yet meet the Step 2 requirements, which will come into effect May 15, 2020. We are hard at work trying to extend this deadline 2 years to May 2022. However, until EPA decides otherwise, retailers are reminded that all products for sale on May 15, 2020, must be certified to the Step 2 targets.

Important links on NSPS and what you need to know to protect your business:

Save Wood Heat

HPBA launched a new campaign to promote the industry’s efforts to extend the effective date of the NSPS. provides the public more information about the NSPS and its impacts on different products. The website contains fact sheets, graphics, and more that we encourage all members to view and share.

Advocacy Center

HPBA and MSHPBA communicates frequently with federal and local legislators and closely follows regulatory and legislative activity to promote policies that are favorable to your business. Your help is essential in achieving our legislative goals. Below are tools developed by HPBA to aid members in connecting with legislators, staying up to date on initiatives, following federal legislation and more. Members must login to myHPBA to access the below advocacy tools.