Ban on Gas Ban Bills in Our Affiliate

Throughout 2020, an increasing number of jurisdictions (both cities and states) began considering new “decarbonization” initiatives that will severely limit – or even ban – natural gas and propane in new homes. Three states in our affiliate, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, are working on legislation to prevent these types of bans from happening in their state. Below are further details on each bill:

Kentucky: HB 207 was introduced on January 7 that would prohibit any county or city from restricting or banning the use of any type of utility throughout the state of Kentucky including natural gas. It passed the House on February 23 with a sweeping vote of 71-23 and was recently amended in a Senate committee to include propane. HB 207 will go back to the House for concurrence on the amendment before it goes up for a final vote in the Senate. Now is the time to take action! Kentucky MSHPBA members, send your State Senator an email asking for their support on HB 207. Click here to easily connect with your Senator and/or to read the bill’s full text.

Ohio: An Ohio fuel choice bill is in final legislative review and will be introduced into the Ohio legislature shortly. Details on this bill will be sent to members as they become available.

West Virginia:HB 2842 was introduced on March 2 into the West Virginia House of Delegates that would prevent any municipality from prohibiting or regulating the use of a public utility based on its energy source. This bill currently resides in the Political Subdivisions Committee. MSHPBA is working with the Consumers Energy Alliance to gather testimony for an upcoming committee hearing. Click here to read the bill’s full text.